Nurture Newsletter March 2023

Nurture Newsletter March 2023

Spring Forth

Hello again,

My father just reminded me of the old saying:

“March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”

which doesn’t seem to fit on this calm, March 1st afternoon, here in the West of Ireland.

It did bring thoughts about the polarity of Spring, our wish to drive forward & the challenges in doing so. A time of beginnings but also the wait for harvest…

not very satisfying for the instant gratification culture now is it?!

March itself is the month named after Mars, the Roman God of War but also the guardian of agriculture, the god of Spring, fertility, virility, and growth in nature. Here again we see a polarity; this time being one of destruction & creation because yes, every seed is destroyed in the making of the leafy shoot! As Picasso said:

Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction

Astrologically speaking, the planet Mars is making significant movement this month which may bring action, energy, initiation but also impulsivity or impatience over the coming weeks. Many other planets are in fact on the move this month, marking major shifts in our own lives. Pluto, the transformer, last moved signs in 2008 coinciding with the financial crisis, while Saturn, the challenger, last moved in March 2020 in tune with the global lock-downs. While this isn’t a return to the old, it is a change of larger themes in our lives.

We will get some indication of what themes will impact us as we move through the month ahead. As with any change, resistance is futile. Our challenge is allowing the old to be destroyed & welcoming the new to unfold with trust & faith that the changes afoot are for our highest good; for our own growth, maturity & development.

The Spring equinox, falling on March 20th this year is also initiatory energy,

when we perhaps feel more vitality & again some forward movement into 2023.

As equinox symbolizes, the balance of light & dark is forever key.

Regardless of what presents itself over the coming weeks, we can choose to return to our inner peace & stability through self-care practices and connection with supportive others in our community. We have the capacity to balance the dark with light if we choose.

Consider, how might you hold your light in times of change, challenge or struggle?

This is the focus for the month of March at Rest & Reset as we bring you the topic of “Convalescence”. While we often think of nursing homes and the aged when we hear the word convalescence, it actually means finding that balance of rest & recovery after times of challenge, exertion, illness, trauma, grief etc. Unfortunately, we are challenged by life at all ages therefore convalescence is a necessary part of our human existence.

Carina has prepared a wonderful workshop for us to reclaim our liberty & inner authority to recover when needed. The words of Margaret Prescott Montague offer an inspired view of convalescence:

“Convalescence is a sort of grown-up rebirth,

enabling us to see life with a fresh eye.”

In addition to this we have collaborated with the wonderful David Bricklebank at Burren Yoga Retreat to bring you a treat & a little inspiration for your own convalescence this Spring/Summer season. David’s retreats are never offered at a discounted price so please avail of the generous coupon offer below if it feels fitting.

Finally, I am also facilitating Aware’s Relatives & Friends Programme this month, for those caring for a loved one who is experiencing Depression or Bi-polar. Again, the necessity for self-care is vital when caring for another so this 4 week course gives practical skills to help implement supportive practices into your routine.

There are many opportunities for you to check in with your self-care this month & balance up the challenges of life with much needed rest & recuperation. As we spring forth, let us do so with care for our health & well-being in mind & the permission to go gently with the flow of the waking season & the trust in the future harvest.

I hope our paths cross along the way & I wish you well for the coming weeks.

Best wishes,


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