Bodyscan Relaxation

Reconnect with your body through this guided bodyscan. Feel yourself relax and unwind as you breathe. Ease out stress, tension and come to understand your own bodily needs by listening to your inner sensations.


Relaxation of Compassion

Compassion is often given to others and rarely to ourselves. Throughout this guided relaxation you will reconnect with the warmth in your heart, offer kindness and care to yourself and feel it radiate throughout your whole body. The result is a feeling of abundant love & kindness.


Letting Go Relaxation

Letting go can often bring great discomfort to us as human beings, be it letting go of another, a possession, a time in our lives or a role we once had. Through this guided relaxation you will allow yourself to feel your  firm attachment, loosen your hold on that which you would like to let go of and feel secure in yourself as you release that which no longer serves you.