Why counselling or Psychotherapy?

Therapy is a relationship between a professional listener and someone who wishes to share their experiences in order to grow, develop and learn. As social beings we have an innate need to be heard, understood and validated; even when we are finding it difficult to understand ourselves.

The therapeutic relationship of trust, care, respect, confidentiality, non-judgement and compassion creates an environment of healing, growth and discovery.

Be it soothing, support, skills or learning that you hope to gain; counselling & psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to invest in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Duration: Each session lasts 1 hour
Fees: €120 for initial consultation, €90 per hour session thereafter
Location: Hazelgrove, Castlebar, Co. Mayo (Online therapy is also provided)

Benefits of participating in therapy

Confidentiality and it’s limitations

My approach and professional standards