To heal: a return to wholeness

To heal: a return to wholeness

Hello again,

What does it mean to heal? This is where my musings have taken me this week.

The upcoming workshop was a catalyst but my own process was very much to the fore. You see, I am currently challenged with an auto-immune condition which I have been treating holistically over the last few months. My latest blood results brought disappointment yesterday, yet still revealed a decline in the anti-bodies that are over-active in my system…. that’s a positive that I am grateful for. The disappointment comes because I want “it” to happen faster & my expectation was that because I had done the right thing that I would see the rewards.

I’m sure you can all relate to this on some level so I wanted to share this with you because of how the process of wanting & expectation can over-ride the gifts that lie in being with this frustrating reality. So, when I sit with the reality of these blood results, when I acknowledge the upset & permit myself to be as I am, something in it changes for me. A new sense of trust opens to what is & that trust allows me to see with new eyes. It allows for my curiosity of what my body is communicating in this moment & what it now needs for the next stage of healing. Somewhat like a review, it allows me to see what I can add to my treatment & what does not serve me any longer. Mostly, it allows me the opportunity to connect within & hear myself at depth. This requires time, space, patience & a desire to interact with my higher knowing. When I do, I hear that inner voice that tells me exactly what is not OK, I hear it so clearly & I understand the fear that lies beneath it. I welcome that fear because I know to get past this, I must go through it.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

Joseph Campbell

So I sit with it until I feel that this part of me no longer feels afraid but feels heard, validated, soothed & comforted. Before I know it a new path is unfolding before my eyes & I have developed my next step in my treatment plan but remember I had to feel it to release it.

When we think of healing, we generally think about fixing what is malfunctioning, a linear & logical perspective on what is often a much more profound existential experience. Our first port of call is probably Dr. Google where we find any amount of practitioners, advice & products to eliminate our struggle. My experience of healing however is that it is a process whereby we integrate dormant, undeveloped parts of ourselves into our psyche. To heal means to become open to this process & become more whole in ourselves. The truth is, it may not mean that we are cured, it may mean living with something which we never anticipated being a part of us, it may mean acceptance & greater meaning associated with our situation & perhaps even our life but to open up to healing means embarking on the journey of self-discovery again & again. It can be disappointing & frustrating at times. It can bring sadness & anger. It can leave us in despair or we could find satisfaction, joy, health & happiness. All of this is to be human & is why it is so important to take time to be with ourselves with compassion, to take time to listen within to the wisdom of our soul & soma. Lots of people will have advice but only you can hear your truth and integrate it. Let’s give ourselves the time & space to hear that truth for our own healing & wholeness.

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March at Rest & Reset as we bring you the topic of “Convalescence”.

While we often think of nursing homes and the aged when we hear the word convalescence, it actually means finding that balance of rest & recovery after times of challenge, exertion, illness, trauma, grief etc. Unfortunately, we are challenged by life at all ages therefore convalescence is a necessary part of our human existence.

Carina has prepared a wonderful workshop for us to reclaim our liberty & inner authority to recover when needed. Jannah, Carina & I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for some much needed rest & reset.

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