Am I of value?

Am I of value?

When do you feel that you are of worth?

Is this something that fluctuates or do you feel a consistent sense of your value?

Is it dependent on the externals, what you have, what you achieve, how many followers or likes you get? Is it determined by how others see & treat you?

Self-worth is the theme of the month at Rest & Reset so let’s take the time to do a little reflection & remember our inherent worth regardless of our current situation.

Let me take you on a journey….

Imagine you hear of a pregnancy. A new little life coming into this world. The value of this new little being is unquestionable right?! But then look at how many variables can change whether or not a person perceives this as being so. Was this baby wanted, unwanted or even longed for? Can the mother nurture this life or not? Is this new life seen as a gift or a burden? Is it the first child of the family or the fourteenth? What part of the world will this baby be born into? Will that culture value this life?

A life is a life, but how we determine worth is usually based on our own needs, wants, beliefs & expectations. It usually has nothing to do with the actual value of the human being.

Now let’s follow this soul’s journey through life. If this person becomes a high achiever & has all the monetary success one can imagine, would that enhance their value? How about if this person dedicated their life to family? Would that be seen as valuable? What if they live a monastic life & reached spiritual enlightenment? Would that be of worth & to who? Let’s say they experienced addiction & were challenged daily by that hunger? How would that determine their worth? Now place your own story into the mix. Consider your worth in relation to your story. Do any of your life experiences add to your sense of worth or detract from it?

While our personal narrative is important, it does not determine worth. However, it is often in the story that we lose sight of our worth. e.g. when we hit a difficult patch in life we can feel worthless. Yet this is not true, it is a feeling that we are experiencing & feelings fluctuate. When we equate our worth to the narrative, we need to consistently perform. It is so easy then to get caught up in striving for more to attain worth, rather than coming home to the reality; the spark of divine light in each of us is actually it! That life force, energy or however you wish to describe existence is it. No striving needed. That is us in our wholeness & our worth. I like to think of it as pure love before we take on all the survival mechanisms & adaptations for this world. We come into the world as that little baby with that spark of existence in us & we leave when it leaves. We can choose to stay with seeking worth from all the external sources or we can tap into our inner truth. When we live from that place, much of the story falls away & we are left to live in greater peace within ourselves. Our choices can then be made to meet our real needs rather than buying into falsehoods.

So I invite you now to place your hands on your heart, close your eyes & listen within for a few moments. Commune with this inner light & just breathe…………………….

Notice how this feels for you? And remember, you are OK, I am OK, they are OK. We are all here to play a part & not one is worth more than another, regardless of our situation.

If you would like to explore the concept of self-worth further, our next Rest & Reset workshop does just that on May 17th.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes,


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