Nurture Newsletter July 2022

Nurture Newsletter July 2022

Hello again,

I write this today with fire in my soul & courage of my convictions.

20 years ago I entered into a relationship which was out of alignment with my truth, my values, my integrity & my soul…. for what I thought was love. I subsequently abandoned my studies, my craft, my friends & myself, to embark on what I call the “allure of success”. And yes, societal standards would say success was achieved. Appearances would say success was achieved… but in truth, I did not feel successful. My body was ill & malnourished, my mind was consumed with productivity, my relationships were emotionally disconnected & I could not have felt further from God…. but it all looked pretty cool from the outside! The reality was my striving for success was killing me slowly. The final blow came when my mum passed away & the “successful” world I had built fell like a house of cards. Nobody in it could relate & nobody could be with me in my grief. No, in fact I could not be with me in my grief. Wasn’t I supposed to just be able to keep going & keep working?!

“The ‘allure of success’ has been presented in so many guises.”

In reality, the world that fell was far out of alignment with the truth of who I was here to be. I had lost that connection to myself & my journey began to reclaim my soul & my life, for me, not for the love of another.

20 years later I find myself faced with similar. Many challenges have occurred, some relationships have fallen & the “allure of success” has been presented in so many guises. Today it came in the form of a marketing campaign asking me to devalue my offerings, dehumanize others & place trust outside of myself …. in order to sell my courses & be more successful???!!! What sounded like just “giving a deal” was actually diminishing the 20 years of experience I offer in my courses & consultations. I have walked the walk to come back into alignment. I have learned how to nurture myself, my mind, body, soul, my gifts, my talents, my relationships, my truth. I have trained & honed my skills in guiding others to support their interior world. In my courses, I pave a way for others to take the path of transformation & listen to their truth too.This is what I offer. So I choose not to align with our current society’s distorted meaning of success & the perpetuation of lack culture. And I can assure you this is not virtue signalling. This is me reaffirming myself in my values, my truth, my integrity… because 20 years on, I now know my value & I now know true love.

“Whose vision of success are you conforming to?”

So with this experience today I urge you to consider, where are you being asked to sacrifice who you are, rather than be true to you? Whose vision of success are you conforming to & is that in alignment with your soul? Allow yourself to envision what true success would look like to you & what it would feel like to experience it in your body?

“Self-worth is worth sharing.”

So here I am. I bring you my story because self-worth is worth sharing & I bring you my humble offerings in this email rather than a flashy marketing campaign. Over the coming days I will share a new programme of events for the year ahead which I am so excited about. This time I am doing so in collaboration with two wonderful women & I know this is going to be the most expansive of my offerings to date. When your soul knows truth, it just knows! For now please check out my current courses: “Free your Mind – The step by step guide to elevated thinking” & “Build your Self-Esteem & Well-being”. Both have been born out of the wisdom gained from over-coming difficulty & choosing to journey within, again & again & again. Perhaps you will journey with me.

Thank you for reading,


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