Build your Self Esteem – Part 2 – The Art of Appreciation

Build your Self Esteem – Part 2 – The Art of Appreciation

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”

Do you ever feel that you are not appreciated in life? Do you find it difficult to feel satisfied based on your own high standards or the expectations of others? In a society of high expectations but little compassion, it is easy to become paralysed by perfectionist ideals rather than allowing yourself to try and possibly learn from mistakes and even failings.


This 6 week course is a follow on from Part 1 and offers the chance to gain greater awareness of our inner critic, tackle it with helpful actions and cultivate a new appreciation of you and your contribution. Over the duration of the course you will participate in experiential exercises with the group to encourage appreciation and acceptance of the differences in others and valuing the gifts they bring in to our lives.

This course runs for twelve hours in total, over six weeks. Each workshop is two hours long and is delivered once per week.

Target audience
These workshops are suitable for all over the age of 18 years old.

Aims and objectives

  • To define what is meant by appreciation and it’s relationship to self-esteem.
  • To understand our blocks to appreciation.
  • To explain good listening qualities.
  • To illustrate how we distract from listening and connection.
  • To understand boundaries.
  • To aid participants to evaluate their own boundaries through experiential practices.
  • To identify participants positive attributes, achievements and establish gratitude.
  • To further develop self-esteem in each participant.
  • To build resilience and an ‘I can’ attitude in participants.
  • To encourage participants to reach past their self-imposed limitations and achieve their goals.
  • To illustrate genuine appreciation, feedback and gift giving.
  • To encourage peer acceptance, community support and reduce isolation.
  • To build and share knowledge of techniques to improve self-esteem.
  • To encourage self-acceptance.
  • To reduce controlling behaviours.
  • To build self-confidence.
  • To enhance connection with others.

Course outline

Week 1

  • Understanding appreciation & it’s relationship to self-esteem
  • Self-appreciation exercise
  • Appreciation inner Check Up

Week 2

  • Blocks to caring language – 7 deadly habits v 7 caring habits
  • Listening
  • Art of intentional dialogue

Week 3

  • Theory & practice of boundaries

Week 4

  • Experiential learning – Self appreciation & the value of the other through art practice

Week 5

  • Experiential learning – Self appreciation & the value of the other through movement.

Week 6

  • Love languages
  • Showing appreciation
  • Group closure with appreciation