Build your Self-Esteem

Build your Self-Esteem

Our view of ourselves can often affect how we approach new situations, people and life’s opportunities. We can often undermine and criticise ourselves, our values and our own beliefs based on the opinion of others or the fear of what other’s might think.


This course encourages curiosity around your daily behaviours with the question “Am I valuing me?” while encouraging development of your own boundaries. Over the six weeks you will take an inventory of your mental, emotional and physical needs and gain an understanding of how to accept and build an internal support to validate, encourage and accept yourself as you are.

‘Build your Self-Esteem’ is an exploratory and experiential workshop designed to help participants learn what self-esteem is, identify their current level of self-esteem, improve upon this and learn how to reach beyond their comfort zone to accomplish their goals in life.

Art making, meditation, mindfulness, visualisation, completing worksheets, group discussion and participation are important aspects of these workshops…. Doing so gives an extra boost to your self-esteem!
Duration: This course runs for twelve hours in total, over six weeks. Each workshop is two hours long and is delivered once per week.

Target audience
These workshops are suitable for all over the age of 18 years old.

Aims and objectives

  • To define what is meant by self-esteem and low self-esteem.
  • To demonstrate the causes and effects of low self-esteem.
  • To explain unhelpful thinking styles, physical symptoms associated with low self-esteem and unhelpful behaviours.
  • To illustrate how to challenge these unhelpful patterns.
  • To discuss the cyclical effect of low self-esteem and how to break the cycle.
  • To understand self-care.
  • To aid participants to evaluate their own behaviour and substitute unhelpful practices with more helpful ones.
  • To identify participants positive attributes, achievements and establish gratitude.
  • To develop a self-esteem goal for each participant.
  • To build resilience and an ‘I can’ attitude in participants.
  • To encourage participants to reach past their self-imposed limitations and achieve their goals.
  • To encourage peer acceptance, community support and reduce isolation.
  • To build and share knowledge of techniques to improve self-esteem.
  • To encourage self-acceptance.
  • To build self-confidence.

Course outline

Week 1

  • Understanding self-esteem, it’s effects and participants level of self-esteem under the following headings:
  • What is self-esteem?
  • What is low self-esteem?
  • What causes it?
  • How does it affect us?
  • Where do I get my self-esteem?

Week 2

  • Understanding core beliefs and how they hinder self-esteem.
  • Evaluating learned beliefs.
  • Challenging unhelpful core beliefs.
  • Art practice.

Week 3

  • Building self-esteem through our thoughts using the following methods:
  • Understanding unhelpful thinking styles
  • Challenging our negative thoughts
  • Identifying our positive attributes
  • Positive rephrasing & daily affirmations
  • Self-acceptance through meditation

Week 4

  • Building self-esteem and confidence through our physicality using the following methods
  • Body image
  • Appreciation of our body
  • Listening to our body through ‘Mindfulness’
  • Posture and body language
  • Practicing self-care
  • Taking responsibility
  • Outlets for stresses
  • What the body needs
  • Understanding low self-esteem behaviours
  • Acknowledging achievements

Week 5

  • Building self-esteem through behaviour using the following methods:
  • Understanding low self-esteem behaviours
  • Practicing opposite action
  • Acknowledging achievements
  • Building mastery

Week 6

Looking at the current needs for participants and what they want to achieve for the future through:

  • Goal setting
  • Understanding how our environment, relationships and community affect self-esteem