How Food Affects your Mood

How Food Affects your Mood

It is well accepted that what we eat can affect how we feel. Often when people are experiencing difficulties in life they neglect their own nourishment which in turn can increase their emotional vulnerability.

Establishing a regular diet of nutritious foods and understanding how our food affects our mood can be of huge support when under stress.

Certain foods types are now being recognised as causing instability to our brain function and emotional wellbeing while others offer us a chance to maintain a healthy, consistent mood, give us more energy and provide us with better nourishment for our bodies.

In this talk we will discuss what our physical needs are in relation to a balanced mood, while also focusing on the healthy food choices we can make to enhance our brain function and emotional stability. (People with special dietary needs or restrictions should consult their GP or Dietician)

Duration: The talk runs for 1.5 hours.

Target audience: This talk is suitable for the general public.

Aims and objectives

  • To provide guidelines for a healthy diet for your mental health in conjunction with Safefood nutritional guidelines.
  • To demonstrate the causes and effects of our changes in food consumption over the last 50 years.
  • To understand the mental-health statistics in Ireland at present.
  • To explain how our brain functions and the necessary nutrients for this functioning.
  • To understand self-care in relation to mental well-being.
  • To illustrate how to challenge unhelpful eating patterns.
  • To aid participants to evaluate their own behaviour and substitute unhelpful practices with more helpful ones.
  • To build and share knowledge of healthy eating habits.
  • To encourage greater well-being and mental health.

Talk outline

  •  History & change of food production
  •  Biology & chemistry of the brain
  •  Necessary foods to maintain a healthy brain & a good mood
  • Where we go wrong with sugar & comfort food
  • How toxins & stimulants affect our brain & mood
  • Hydration & mood
  • New research – The brain & gut connection
  • Allergies & intolerances
  • The social side – Food sourcing, preparation, eating habits & gift giving