Why counselling or Psychotherapy?

Therapy is a relationship between a professional listener and someone who wishes to share their experiences in order to grow, develop and learn. As social beings we have an innate need to be heard, understood and validated; even when we are finding it difficult to understand ourselves.

The therapeutic relationship of trust, care, respect, confidentiality, non-judgement and compassion creates an environment of healing, growth and discovery.

Be it soothing, support, skills or learning that you hope to gain; counselling & psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to invest in your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


There are so many benefits from engaging in therapy:

  • Support through unexpected life events – Change is an inevitable part of life however we often want to hold on to what was there before. If you are having difficulty in adjusting to change, letting go or starting afresh, therapy offers an environment to tease through the difficulty and find the solid ground for your next step.
  • Navigate the circumstances of life with another in confidentiality, rather than feel you are alone with your problems. This is a collaboration that is designed to alleviate distress and encourage hope.
  • Explore your thoughts and come to see them from new perspectives.
  • Explore and understand your own emotions while learning how to regulate overwhelm and relieve yourself of old, unprocessed feelings.
  • Understand unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and making more helpful life choices.
  • Process past or current traumas, overwhelming situations and challenges and come to new terms with your changed self after the upheaval.
  • Deal with a loss of self or your sense of meaning in the world and reconnect to find your purpose and direction.
  • Support through relationship difficulties and develop fulfilling relationships.
  • Develop a greater sense of self; individuality, esteem, acceptance and compassion.
  • Increase your self-awareness, come to understand your needs, values, morals, beliefs and interests.
  • Realise your potential and revive your vitality and spontaneity.
  • Develop self-trust and become enriched by the inner security you feel in life and relationships.
  • Make the necessary choices and changes for your mental, physical and spiritual health.


My practical approach is to meet you as you are, with presence, realness, acceptance and empathic understanding. I feel by cultivating a relationship of respect, acceptance and authenticity, I am providing a healthy and safe environment to facilitate growth and healing.

I have an openness to your individuality and current way of being, understanding that you are your own agent for change, in your own time and will support with my own insights, should I feel necessary. My natural curiosity leads me to explore without interpretation for your awareness.


I am an accredited, integrative therapist meaning I work with many modalities in therapy, depending on the needs of the individual. My skills and techniques come from my learning of the following therapy styles: Person-Centred, C.B.T., D.B.T., Gestalt, Psychosynthesis and Art Therapy. I am accredited by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I approach this relationship with the utmost professionalism, responsibility and integrity necessary and outlined by my accreditation body, I.A.C.P. I find supervision invaluable in this process as I reflect upon and navigate my way through my work with each individual. As a practicing therapist, I attend regular supervision in accordance with the ethical standards of practice, by the governing body I.A.C.P.

Secondary to the therapeutic relationship are my skills; from Psychosynthesis, C.B.T., Gestalt, Art Therapy, Choice Theory and D.B.T. I work creatively and with immediacy in choosing a fitting skill for the individual’s needs. My theoretical knowledge of lifespan development, psychodynamics, abnormal psychology, group dynamics and family systems, aids my understanding of the client’s perspective, history and pathology and is a vital resource for me in this manner. Occasionally and when fitting, I provide psycho-education to clients to inform them when necessary.

I am passionate about learning, understanding and developing my skills and trust that my growth will facilitate the same for my clients. I attend regular trainings and am committed to my continued professional development.


Duration: Each session lasts 1 hour
Fees: €50 per hour session
Location: Hazelgrove, Castlebar, Co. Mayo