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Women’s Confidence & Career

Women’s Confidence & Career

Hi there, I have some exciting news to share with you… I was recently asked to contribute to a lovely project, to create an affordable stack of resources, in support of the rise of women throughout the world. This has developed into: The Women’s Confidence […]

Nurture Newsletter October 2022

Nurture Newsletter October 2022

Power! Or are we powerless? Power exchanges are happening constantly in our lives. Each situation, every relationship. How we use our words, our resources, whether we give or withhold. What we control, deny or permit. Power is essentially our ability to exert our influence or […]

Rest & Reset: Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living

Rest & Reset: Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living

How often do you “power through” your daily activities,

schedule yourself into cycles of busyness

& deplete your energy in places that have no real connection for you?

How often do you over-ride your truth

with a more “socially acceptable” answer or behaviour?

How much are you suppressing who you truly are?

Carina Kennedy, Jannah Walshe & Vivianne Maloney

have teamed up to bring a year-long series of workshops,

to reclaim rest, re-balance our lives & embrace the magic of our authentic self.

Through monthly online meetings,

the team offer their individual expertise on a series of topics

to bring harmony to mind, body & spirit.

Click below to see the full outline of workshops available &

Join the workshops