Nurture Newsletter August 2023

Nurture Newsletter August 2023

Reflect, Revise, Review

Hello again,

Have you experienced any blasts from the past over the last few weeks?

Have you had any reunions or revisits to past passions?

Have you noticed patterns or big life events re-occurring?

Have you reopened an old wound in order to process the pain & obtain true healing once & for all?

If so, you are not alone as themes of this nature are prevalent at this time as we currently find an abundance of planets on a retrograde trajectory in our solar system.

A retrograde period is when, from earth’s perspective, a planet seems to move in backward motion. Last month, I spoke about Venus turning retrograde, bringing to the fore themes of women, femininity, sexuality, money & beauty. With Venus’s backward motion we saw the release of the Barbie movie; an iconic feminine figure returning from the past & relaunched in the present; opening up much discussion in society about gender roles, stereotypes, sexuality, aesthetics & so much more. We also saw the passing of Sinead O’Connor, a powerful woman who embodied the female archetypes; the maiden, mother, priestess, crone but all with a Venus retrograde edge which challenged our social norms through the rebellious, free-thinking nature of the artist. This Venus retrograde continues until September, so take this time to notice what Venus related themes are up for revision in your life?

In addition to this, we are entering a period where seven planets are actually turning retrograde. We currently have Pluto, Saturn, Neptune & Venus in this motion but by the beginning of September we will also see Mercury, Uranus & Jupiter joining in on the party. What does all of this mean for us? I believe it is a time to reflect, revise, re-evaluate, research & prepare for our next steps forward. We may revisit themes of the past, have those reunions & rethink certain aspects of our lives. It is not a time to start anything new but more so a time to put in a determined effort to bring that grander vision to light. So take this time to ask what does that grander vision look like for you?

Interestingly August is book-ended by two full moons, which bring about culminating energy of release & letting go. I like to think of this as the destruction or deconstruction phase before creation can begin again. August 1st greets us with the Aquarian full moon. Aquarius is the detached innovator of the zodiac. A freethinking humanitarian with collection vision rather than individual ideals. The full moon reflects the sun which is passing through the sign of Leo, the sign of the larger than life Lion, full of courage, heart & passionate self-hood. This asks us how can we shine our authentic light for the good of the collective? Where does our individual self belong & fit in to community?

The end of the month brings the Full moon in Pisces, the sensitive, intuitive dreamer, reflecting the light of the sun in Virgo, the detail-oriented helper who sees what needs to be done & takes action behind the scenes to do it. Again we are asked how can we be of service with a higher meaning in mind? What is the purpose to our day-to-day physical habits?

With these two full-moons we may feel our lives being redirected back to our soul truth but also in alignment with a higher spiritual meaning for the greater good of humanity.

The key is not to resist the changes that this month brings but see it as a time to redirect your course & open up to the version of yourself that is trying to break-through to the surface.

At Rest & Reset, we are bringing our twelve month series of workshops to an end with our Conclusion on the revised date of August 9th. Here we will reflect on the insight & learning of the past twelve months of “Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living”. We will also conclude with a closing ritual to honour the time spent in this sacred space. We hope to share this with you all over the coming weeks.

Wishing you well with all you experience in the month ahead,


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