In Conversation with Carina, Jannah & Vivianne

In Conversation with Carina, Jannah & Vivianne
Our year of Rest & Reset has come to an end
After 12 months of Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living,our Rest & Reset series has now come to a close.
Thank you to all who have participated over the course of the year; be it by reading our email musings, taking part in our workshops, connecting in our private Facebook group or on our public Facebook page. We appreciate each & every one of you & thank you for being a part of this initiative.
As a thank you to you all, we invite you to avail of our free closing workshop below which includes:
1. A reflective meditation on our year together
2. Reflective journal prompts
3. Open discussion with Carina, Jannah & Vivianne on their experiences throughout the year
4. A closing ritual

What you will need:
A journal & pen
2 bowls – one holding water to represent the feminine flow & one holding a candle to represent the blessed light that will fill your sacral chakra/womb area
A shawl, scarf or blanket to place around your shoulders
Some food in celebration of divine feminine energy

Place the bowls & food in front of you & create an alter or sacred space.
You are welcome to share a photograph of your alter & connect with others who are also concluding their Rest & Reset year in our private Facebook group.
Now click on the Recording & enjoy our pre-recorded conclusion.
The password for this is: gD2#5Mi^
We appreciate your interest in Rest & Reset & Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living. It has been a wonderfully nourishing experience for all three of us & we hope you have also benefited from the series.
If you feel you would like to embark on the Rest & Reset quest, please find the full list of workshops here.
Looking forward to seeing you then,
Carina, Jannah & Vivianne

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