Nurture Newsletter May 2023

Nurture Newsletter May 2023

10 Years On

Hello again,

The Summer is here & I am in celebratory mood as this month brings my 10th anniversary of offering my counselling & psychotherapy services. As I reflect on the past 10 years, I am filled with appreciation & awe because I never could have anticipated where this path could have led me. My younger self set out to be of service to others in a supportive role through the trials & tribulations of life. The expectation was that this path would be challenging but also rewarding. I am so glad to say, the rewards have far outweighed the challenges & I thank my younger self for her courage in changing career, returning to education & believing there was a deeper meaning to life, that was worth pursuing.

Much of the past 10 years were spent working with the theme of self-esteem as “Build your Self-Esteem” was the first course I wrote which paved the way for much of my work & how I applied myself over this time. The course brought me on a journey throughout Ireland & has now made it’s way around the globe through the power of online learning. It was also through this course that I began my work with Aware, Anokha Learning, Jannah & Carina. It carved a path for many other courses, including our current offering Rest & Reset – Reclaiming the Art of Intentional Living.

With the wonder of synchronicity, our Rest & Reset theme this month is Self-Worth which will be delivered by Jannah on Wednesday, May 17th. Isn’t that so fitting?!!!

To highlight the theme further Anokha Learning have kindly collaborated with us to offer 50% off Build your Self-Esteem & Well-being for the month ahead. With that, I have also decided to offer 50% off Free your Mind & all of my downloadable booklets for the month of May because 10 years is worth celebrating!!! I hope you can avail of some of these opportunities to learn, grow, develop & support yourself in your next steps.

Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely. I have met most of the subscribers of this newsletter over the years & have been touched & often changed by your stories. Each one of you is of value, each one is unique & each has purpose & meaning in the greater expansiveness of the collective. If you take nothing else from this email please remember to honour yourself, your own story & your own path because if you don’t, who will? No-one else might get it but maybe that’s the point. They can only see it from their view. Perhaps it is up to you to see it from yours. Step into your truth & allow the road to rise to meet you.

I look forward to seeing where the next 10 years will bring us.

Best wishes,


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