Women’s Confidence & Career

Women’s Confidence & Career

Hi there,

I have some exciting news to share with you…

I was recently asked to contribute to a lovely project, to create an affordable stack of resources, in support of the rise of women throughout the world. This has developed into:

The Women’s Confidence and Career Super Stack

The Women’s Confidence and Career Super Stack is a complete collection of premium training, tools, and resources to help you transform your relationship with yourself & others, build self-esteem, self-love and confidence, and allow your finances to improve.

Inside, you’ll find:

#1. Chart-topping ebooks filled with expert help to transform negative feelings about yourself, take control of your finances, overcome insecurities and fears at work and in your relationships, plus how to travel solo with confidence on a tiny budget.

#2. Full-length ecourses covering everything from how to take back your power, say no to things you don’t want to do (with zero guilt), build a confident mindset, plus strategies to easily conquer your goals, free yourself from the burden of people-pleasing, overcome anxiety and bad habits, and uproot the blocks that prevent you from experiencing healthy self-love or meeting the right person.

#3. In-depth guidance from respected mental health experts and life coaches, including yours truly!!!

My contribution is my Build your Self-Esteem & Wellbeing e-course which usually retails at €100 but this whole offer, of 45 different resources, is available for only €49.

This offer is available for this week only, from November 22nd – 29th 2022.

I am so excited to see Build your Self-Esteem sit amongst these other great resources. This is what collaboration is all about, we can offer so much more when we work as a collective. Let’s all rise together!!!

Best wishes,


The Women’s Confidence and Career Super Stack

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