Nurture Newsletter April 2022

Nurture Newsletter April 2022

Hello again,

Welcome to April, a new moon falling on April Fool’s Day which has reminded me of the “Fool” Archetype in myths, legends & Jungian psychology.While the “Fool” doesn’t take himself too seriously he is in fact no clown. When in shadow he can hide true emotions behind his witty mask. When in the light he can offer an innocence & humour that can transcend any divide. My understanding is, the objective for the “Fool” is to bring our attention to falsehoods, to ask us to lay down our masks & to be more truthful & authentic.
As I sit with this today, I am reminded of the many falsehoods in our world. The comfortable lies rather than uncomfortable truths. This has been brought to the fore with the amount of “disinformation” being shared in the media about the War on Ukraine, about questionable government agendas & has highlighted yet again the challenge for us, the people, the collective, to BE truthful, to SEEK truth & to refrain from adding to or conforming to a comfortable yet untrue narrative.This April Fool’s day, I send out a challenge – one question to you – not in judgement but with heart & connection. What are you going along with at the moment which may be going against your morals, your integrity, your truth or authenticity? Or more simply:

“What is your soul truth?”

On this first day of April & with this powerful new moon in the astrological sign of Aries, I invite you to set an intention for your own truth & authenticity.With so much crisis in our world, it is very easy to disengage, to become clouded & distracted, to lose our higher vision & refrain from applying our energy in meaningful, purposeful practices.But this is a time to omit a higher frequency, to elevate from fearful thinking & focus upon returning our minds & bodies to a place of peace, regulation & dare I say… LOVE!!!Our focus matters, our intentions matter, our vision for our world matters… because…

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

Tony Robbins

As a collective, this is a wonderful time for us to see our inter-connectivity with the people, the planet, with all that is living in our world & to realise when you are in pain, I am in pain, when you are harmed I am harmed, when you are well,I am well & when you thrive, I thrive.Let us inspire each other to raise our spirits & use our energy with higher purpose.Thank you for reading,


Mind Magic

The Everyday Hero Manifesto by Robin Sharma
An inspirational read that calls us to be our best selves. At times this book felt out of touch with the “everyday hero” in us but overall Sharma presents his insights with clarity, purpose, passion & faith in the potential of humanity.

Body Brilliance

Our Vagus nerve is the great wanderer of our nervous system, as it navigates to the organs of our body. It promotes calm & relaxation in our bodies & calls a halt to our stress response when it is time to come back to balance. Of course if we are over stimulated, we might need some support to find that calm again so here you will find a very easy practice to aid relaxation of the nervous system through massage from Sukie Baxter.

Spirit Sights

Yarn Vibes Organic
By Joan Lucey, Cork
For a little more inspiration & to uplift our spirits that bit higher, I introduce you to the story of Yarn Vibes Organic which has been created by Joan Lucey, a shopkeeper turned organic wool producer from County Cork. Joan has a passion for supporting rural Ireland, sustainability & offers an insight into her journey of creation & collaboration in this video.

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