Nurture Newsletter February 2022

Nurture Newsletter February 2022

Hello to you,

As we once again welcome the light of longer days & an early glimpse of Spring’s newness, I wish you all well. I am aware of the varying degrees of wellness in this community but I wish to extend my few words with a hope to inform, inspire & reconnect as we begin to relieve ourselves of the restriction of the past two years.
For many this feels like the trap doors have opened & you may be rushing out into the world with great excitement. For others, you may be cautiously exploring your possibilities. For more you may be resistant to the very fast paced change that the dropping of guidelines has brought about. No response is wrong or right, it is this nuance that makes the world go round but the most important message I have for you today is to go in your own time. Be aware of your own boundaries & honour yourself and your truth as you move forward in our changed world. I am also conscious of the amount of loss experienced among so many over the past two years and I wish to extend my heart felt condolences to you should you be experiencing grief at this time.
Every change begins with an ending of how things used to be. That can take time to come to understand & accept. After the ending we enter into a space – like that of no-mans land or limbo, in which we can often become frightened of the unknown. We have left the familiar port & are somewhere in the vastness of the ocean. It can be overwhelming. Often all we can see is the darkness. It is in this place that we can come to question our very existence, our purpose & the deeper meaning of life. The only answer is to keep persisting through until a glimpse of light reveals itself… Eventually it will.
“If you change the way you look at things,the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer
This time of limbo can also be looked upon as a “fertile void” however, the rich soil left after the decay of winter in which new seeds can be planted. I find that this can be a creative time, if we can support ourselves to be curious & playful with all of the possibilities. It can help us to perhaps find the light again within the darkness or to feel a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. I have included a beautiful example of this below through the work of ceramicist Cora Cummins.
The pandemic has brought a collective reset in many ways. I am hopeful that the insight gained & purpose found in the global reset will bring a new sense of connection & a return to our truth, love and a drive for the common good of our people & planet. Perhaps optimistic but I am ever hopeful. With that I believe it is a time for us to be creative rather than returning to the old. Let us venture into this new world with revived curiosity & playfulness. Let us seek possibility & inventiveness to relieve our people & planet of the scars of the past because by nurturing one, we nurture all!
“By nurturing one, we nurture all.”
I wish to thank you for your support, generosity, kindness and trust over this past year. It is with much personal growth that I hope to offer you further opportunities to enhance your own awareness & insight in the year ahead.
I have included some updates, resources and new additions to nourish mind, body & spirit in which I wish to also share my passions for learning, movement & creativity.
Best wishes as we unfurl into the newness of Spring 2022,


Mind Magic

The Miracle Morning:The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM by Hal Elrod
I share this book for it’s simplicity in reminding us to awaken each day with rituals to revive & restore our own vitality first, before we embark on the tasks of the day. With that a new sense of clarity & intention is available to us. What better way to begin Spring!

Body Brilliance

In keeping with our theme of unfurl, a release of the stored tension in our bodies can be achieved through somatic movement. This video describes the difference between pandiculation & stretching & how we can support our body to reset our connection between our musculature & our nervous system. You can also find guidance for a full body unwind using somatic movement here.

Spirit Sights

The Mindful Mug: ‘Dochas’, the Irish word for Hope By Cora Cummins Ceramics, Waterford
“They say that grief is love with nowhere to go, so finding my way back to creativity and honouring my innate need to make art after the devastating loss of my son has played an integral part of my healing journey.” “On January 3rd, 2011, our precious Son Fionn passed away at home from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome aged two weeks old.”
Cora describes how she is “always so thankful to have ceramics to turn to on days where I feel I really need to escape the pressures of everyday life. This product has been a labour of love that I have been working on over the past three years. I designed this mug when I was at my most vulnerable as a want to share with others what it felt like to experience the feeling of soft clay. I have done a lot of work around anxiety and know that the more senses we engage, the more calm and present we feel. Using this mug engages all 5 senses and brings the user back to the present moment.”

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